My first camera

As a Kid

  • I was passionnate by photography and “reading” all the amateur books of my father. From film processing, darkroom to lighting.


  • I decided to become a photographer when I seen it as one of the options in my carrer book for Cegep. Never taught that could be a career since my dad was just playing with photography.


  • Started photography School.




  • Working for 2 local newspapers during my last college year.
  • Sold my 2 firsts photoshop montage. One for the largest motocross event at the Olympic Stadium of Montreal, and the other one to Murry Hill, a bus company.
  • First billboard – the motocross.
  • Started to shoot models for their portfolios.
  • Graduaded from photography school Cegep du Vieux Montreal.


  • Paris – New York
  • Lots of publication in various magazines in Paris like Biba, Jalouse, Depeche Mode etc.


  • Met my first wife.


  • Started a regular contribution to one of the most prestigious fashion magazine in Montreal: Clin d’Oeil.
  • Started to get countless worldwide press about my work on TV and magazines.


  • Represented by Jed Root in New York and started to shoot some projects for German Amica, WWD, Time out, etc.
Jed Root


2001 Fall

  • Left New York – Back to Montreal


  • Last trip to Paris.
  • Decided to invest time for Family instead of a Career.
  • Started shooting digital.


  • Birth of my son Gabriel.

2005 – 2008

  • My first studio. No partner and 3 employees almost full time.


  • Birth of my daughter Justine.
  • Master promo in 2006 with over 25K$ invested and 1000 copies sent.


  • The desire to give back and the launch of a charity project that raised over 55K$ for various charities in Quebec.


  • The dream of owning my studio.
  • Came with a contrast reality of the economical crash and a real change in the local fashion industry.
  • Business started to moved from Fashion to Corporate… on location.


  • Sold the studio.
  • Divorce.
  • Nick Dey “Fine Art Print” is born.


  • Met my real life partner Anne Seguin Poirier 🙂


  • Exhibition in Hamptons with Arteria Gallery.
  • Exhibition at Gallery Got Montreal.



  • Bill Board in Old Montreal.
  • SYD studios goes online to sell Art Print via SYDshop.