Celebrating 20 years of Motorcycling


It is like yesterday, I was 25, a dream came true with my first motorcycle. It was not exactly what I had in mind, but it was quite nice to ride. I did several Montreal to New York and back with the cameras between 1999 and 2001. Of course I didn’t have panniers and al the appropriate gear, but I can assure you I kept amazing memories of these years.

Then, in 2003, I decided, after 50 000 km on the Katana, it was time for something a little more “urban” and opted for a naked bike with a sportier engine, a Honda Hornet 900. Unfortunately, I didn’t use it that much. With the birth of Gabriel in may 2004, and the business going very strong, I didn’t have that much time left to ride. I sold it in 2005 almost brand new.


Well… I tough it could be a good idea to go forward with one of my dream of doing motocross, and I found a great deal on the YZ 426. But there is one thing I didn’t know about this 4 strokes… It was such a pain to start. I sold it after 2 rides and decided to get a more recent 450. Again… too much power is like not enough.

It is only when I tried this amazing 250 I realised it was better to have a smaller engine for a better handling. I didn’t ride much with all these motocross, but at least, I ‘ve learn a lot to ride off road. It is some skills I can still use today on bigger bike like the Super Tenere.

Tired of going in the dirt when I wanted to ride, I decided it was time to get a great dual sport. This was my first time with panniers to carry my camera. I did amazing trip to New York and Chicago with this one.

When I was in Chicago, I had to go to the dealer for maintenance on the F650GS. They let me try the R1200GS and I was sold. I needed to get one for my next trip.

In 2013, with reliability in top of my criteria, I decided to go for the Yamaha Super Tenere.

I though the Super Tenere couldn’t go everywhere and I wanted to explore the trail in Lanaudière for a photo project. In 2015 the WR250R was the motorcycle of choice for this kind of ride. I kept the Super Tenere mostly for the paved and dirty roads.

In 2019, after 70 000km on the Super Tenere 2013, I decided to change for the same bike. Well, this one have electronic suspension and cruise control. I think it is the perfect one for my summer trip to Los Angeles on the Route 66 #FatherAndSon #OutOfHome.