Nick Dey Billboard in Old Montreal


French Canadian photographer Yanick Déry was born in 1973. After graduating from photography school Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 1993, he has worked in fashion and studio photography for over 20 years before taking his art out into nature. His trademark has always been compositions, but also digital imagery and it’s array of possibilities since he has been a pioneer in this field.

For Yanick, art is a journey. A journey that aims to communicate an emotion through paths that divert from figurative photography. Yanick finds calm where others see chaos. He finds harmony where others see confrontation. He seizes these moments and puts them into his light creating mystifying contrasts. With his Nick Dey Collection, this visual artist invites you into unique atmospheres that evoke nature through man made environments.

18° N  68° W – 2016

46° N  61° W – 2015

41° N  87° W – 2012

46° N  74° W – 2010

32° N  43° W – 2007