Art & Photography for the
Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals

with Privacy in mind

Don’t expect to see anything here… All photographic work I do with my “high profile” clients stay confidential. This is why I can’t and and do not want to share images of past or actual customers on my website or any other form of diffusion. Privacy is a priority… right after delivering the best photographic experience of course.

The One thing most people want to know is the cost of a photo session… Well, past projects range from 2500$ for an Instant Portrait up to 75 000$ for a single but extended project. Again, this is not very helpful, unfortunately.

If you need some information or have any question regarding what can be done for you and your family, feel free to email me to set a phone meeting! It will be a pleasure to have a real conversation. That said, I am a man of few words. ;-)

Kind regards,